Studies Reveal the Best Medicine is a Fever

July 22, 2019

Studies Reveal the Best Medicine is a Fever

The best medicine is a fever? Yes, you read that right. A 2012 study from the World Journal of Clinical Pediatrics reveals that “A moderate fever (less than 40 °C/104 °F) is beneficial.” ( So then why are fevers the number one non-trauma reason for visiting a doctor? Why do we rush to the ER anytime the thermometer spikes? The answer is three fold: fever phobia, blind faith of those with medical authority, and a lack of knowledge.

Fever phobia, a fear of fever, effects a widespread number of parents regardless of race or socioeconmic status according to a 2016 study. ( Many parents wrongly assume that a mild to moderate fever can cause irreversible brain damage. However, “… the only serious complications of fever [are] febrile status epilepticus and heat stroke, two rare entities.” ( The best way to combat fever phobia is to make sure parents are well informed.

Our entire lives we have been told that fevers are bad. But fever is just your body’s way of fighting off infection naturally. The underlying issue (cold, flu, etc.), not the fever, is what needs to be addressed. And ill-informed doctors aren’t always the authority on what is best for you or your child. Remember, they were told that fevers are bad and must be suppressed too and are simply relaying that information to their patients. But recent findings ( out of the United Kingdom suggest that a higher temperature actually activates the body’s immune response. So suppressing a fever could actually elongate the recovery time from illness. And despite what pediatricians say, there is no supporting scientific evidence that suggests alternating fever reducing drugs to prevent further health problems is effective.

If knowledge is power, then learning about how fevers work could be the world’s “spoonful of sugar.” We already know that fever is usually associated with infection; it’s your body’s immune response. But did you also know that mild fevers may cause your immune system to “be temporarily enhanced functionally…?” A study by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology suggests this may be true, boosting certain cells to help fight off infection.

Armed with this new found knowledge, fever phobia should take a backseat to deciding whether or not to let a fever run its course. Before you reach for a fever reducing drug, remember, that fever very well may be the best medicine you and your child need when sick!