Avoid These Teething Remedies

October 14, 2019

Avoid These Teething Remedies

Teething can be a rough time for any child or parent, but there are some teething remedies you’ll want to avoid.  Some natural and over the counter (OTC) remedies have either been debunked or are warned against use by various health organizations. So what are these products? And what can you use instead? First let’s take a look at what to expect when your baby is teething, then what products to avoid and finally what products are safe to use.

Teething in and of itself is a pretty straight forward experience. A tooth breaks through the gumline giving your baby a brand new toothy grin! But What to Expect reminds us that the symptoms can vary drastically from child to child.  Some children won’t experience any symptoms and will simply wake up one day happy with a new smile. But most children will experience one or more of the following: irritability, swollen gums, a slight rise in body temperature (under 101° F), drool, gnawing on objects, etc. So what can you do to help ease their discomfort? First let’s take a look at what to avoid.

For years, parents have rushed to drug stores or utilized old wives’ tales and natural remedies to help with their baby’s teething discomforts. However, there are some items you may want to avoid. One such item is OTC baby teething creams and gels. USA Today reports that these can have harmful side effects, especially in children under the age of 2. In rare cases, these products can be deadly. A popular wives’ tale tells parents to rub an alcoholic beverage on their child’s aching gums. But Baby Med reminds us that “whiskey is risky!” As many studies have shown, alcohol can be detrimental to a baby’s growing body and mind. And finally, the natural remedy of using Baltic amber beads to relieve teething pain should be avoided. The FDA released a statement in 2018 stating: “We’re concerned about the risks we’ve observed with these products and want parents to be aware that teething jewelry puts children, including those with special needs, at risk of serious injury and death.” So what can you use to help ease your child’s discomfort?

There are plenty of safe options when it comes to your child’s teething pain. If you’re okay with OTC medications, Mayo Clinic recommends trying Tylenol to ease their pain. But, if you’re looking for a natural alternative, you can try easing their discomfort by gently rubbing their gums or allowing them to gnaw on a cooling element.


With all of the information and products that are out there, it can be a little overwhelming when all you want to do is soothe your child’s discomfort. Whatever you decide, rest assured that the teething period is short and soon you’ll be able to enjoy your baby’s new tooth filled grin!