Why Choose Thermal-Aid?

Thermal-Aid has been soothing the aches and pains of people for over 10 years.
The most trusted alternative pain relief option.

  • Homeopathic - Thermal-Aid utilizes the power of hot and cold treatments providing homeopathic relief for pain, inflammation, migraines, cramps, and so much more!*
  • Always Fresh - Thermal-Aid is popular with athletes because they make the first ever hand washable, 100% natural heating and cooling product.*
  • FSA Approved - That's right! Thermal-Aid products are FSA approved.
  • Best Quality - Our unique patented corn kernels eliminate mold, fungi and foul odors often associated with natural heating and cooling products.
  • Clinically Proven - Medical professionals use and recommend Thermal-Aid because it transmits a moist therapeutic heat deep into the muscles and joints of the body. These doctor recommended products were designed with you in mind, and have been clinically proven to provide the natural relief you need.*

*When used as directed


All Natural

FSA approved 100% natural heating and cooling packs.

Proven Effective

Doctor recommended & clinically proven to provide natural pain relief.


Thermal-Aid's patented process eliminates mold and fungi from forming making these packs safe.

Hot or Cold

Heat sectionals & packs in the microwave or freeze in the freezer.

Technical Specs:

  • Large Sectional Dimensions: 17.5 x 14 x 1 inches
  • Large Sectional Weight: Approx 6.5 pounds
  • Material: 100% natural cotton & corn
  • Thermal-Aid products are hand-filled with 100% natural corn. Using a unique patented process, our bio-engineers and doctors worked closely with milling experts to remove the embryo/germ tip cap and outer coat from each kernel. This leaves the purest and cleanest portion of the corn product. The process hardens the specialized de-germinated kernel, allowing it to hold temperatures evenly for long periods of time.

“Based on self-assessment surveys, pain control was better with Thermal-Aid leading to an improvement in quality of life. Also, it substantially reduced the need for pain medications when compared to conventional therapy.”


Arthritis, back pain, muscle soreness, menstrual cramps, fibromyalgia, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches/migraines, sprains/strains, sunburn, fever, stomach aches, flu symptoms, bug bites, lactation, babies with colic (under adult supervision), multiple sclerosis, knee pain, heat cramps/exhaustion, plantar fasciitis, growing pains and so much more!

A Message From Our Founder

When I started Thermal-Aid, I never imagined how it could help so many other people. Until one suffers from chronic pain or disease it is impossible to understand how something so simple can impact a person's well being.

I am constantly overwhelmed by the responses from our customers on how Thermal-Aid has helped them get back a sense of normalcy in their life without always relying on prescription drugs. We look forward to hearing your wellness story too!

Be Well,
Matthew Mills
Founder and Developer of Thermal-Aid