Using Heat for Well-being

Heat therapy is so effective at relieving so many different and common ailments yet it is often over looked. It has become too common to look for pain relievers in the pill form when natural alternatives may not just be safer but also more effective at targeting your pain. Heat relieves muscle knots and strains while releasing tension and lowering stress levels. Heat can be used to treat arthritis, insomnia, headaches,and flu symptoms. Just like we all know to pop an aspirin for a headache or throw a band-aid onto a cut, we should use heat therapy as a go to treatment for our daily aches and pains.


One reason why heat therapy might often be overlooked is because of the convenience of applying it.  Electric heating pads, moist cloths, and hot water bottles are all inconvenient in one way or another. Thermal-Aid products provide a welcome solution that will make heat therapy a go to cure in your home. All of Thermal-Aid products, whether pads or bears and zoo animals, are reusable. They can be easily heated in the microwave (or cooled in the freezer, but that is another article) and applied without any assistance to the area of discomfort. Applying heat to the specific area of discomfort is key. It allows you to target the pain rather than putting a general pharmaceutical pain reliever inside your body. Even if you are just feeling tired and stressed, placing a warm Thermal-Aid across your back will allow all of that to melt away.


If you have muscle aches often, say you run or play a sport or sit in a chair all day, you do not want to make a habit of taking medication. Likewise, children and the elderly who may be especially sensitive to medications or their interactions can feel safe using heat therapy often. In fact, using heat therapy often will allow the muscles to relax and prevent future pain. It is a win, win situation.


If we all understood heat therapy and its benefits we would be happier and healthier. It is a cheap, drugless way of helping an amazing array of pain problems related to muscle dysfunction, especially neck and back pain, and can be relied on to treat many common ailments naturally. It is also one of the best stress reducers. Heat will not just make you feel better, but it is directly therapeutic, as opposed to “just” relieving symptoms. Heat might just be the key to your over all well-being.

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