The Thermal-Aid Story – #wecarewednesday


Today we are starting a new tradition. We call it “We Care Wednesday”. Every Wednesday we will be showcasing one of your stories. We are so blessed to have a line of products that have impacted so many of our customer’s lives. We can’t wait to share them with you.
To start it off we thought it would be a good time to tell the story about how Thermal-Aid was created.  A number of years ago, a close elderly family member of our founder had a massive stroke.
Nursing a stroke patient has it’s challenges, and to make matters worse, most patients that deal with a recovery from a stroke are prone to new injuries from slip and falls while going through physical therapy as part of the recovery process.
Finding a really good Hot and Cold pack to use on an elderly patient is not a very easy thing to do as traditional heating and cooling packs are far to evasive to the touch for elderly patients to endure.
At the time, the heating and cooling packs of choice were comprised of dried Rice, Buckwheat, Flax Seeds and Whole Kernel Corn used as the heating or cooling element. These products SEEMED to work well to treat the pain and circulation problems associated with the slip and falls and therapy.
Over time however, the founders family member began to suffer from one mysterious allergy type illness after another. The family and doctors could not pinpoint what on earth was causing him to continually have congestion, a runny nose and a cough.
One day our founder opened one of the Rice filled packs and was astonished as to what he discovered. The rice was covered in black, disgusting mold. He was horrified, and began opening all of the natural packs to discover that all of them had some sort Mold, Mildew and or Fungus.
The finding led to discussions with the family Doctor to see if this was what could be making him sick. Sure enough it was. This led our founder on a quest to find a product that was natural, treated a patient in a gentle manner, it didn’t grow mold and was really effective. To his dismay, nothing on the market existed.
From that day forward, our founder made it his mission to develop the first All Natural Heating and Cooling Pack that would not grow mold and not add more unneeded risk to the health of his family. Thermal-Aid was born.
He worked with a team of Doctors, Bio-Chemists and Engineers to process corn in a way that it would hold temperature for long periods of time and never mold. This process was patented for use in a heating and cooling packs and led to a four month clinical trial that proved a 20% reduction in Medication in Arthritis patients.
Since then, the Thermal-Aid line has expanded into multiple pain relief products, ranging from physical therapy, sports medicine, headache relief, post operative veterinarian and a children’s line and has gained recognition for improving the quality of life in patients around the world.

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