Ease Headaches with Thermal-Aid


If you suffer from headaches often or know someone who does, the new Themal-Aid Headache Relief system would make a great gift this holiday season. It includes a headache relief cream and a special Thermal-Aid pad designed to be placed over your eyes. The system was designed by a Board-certified Neurologist to target headaches and

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Cold Therapy for Bruises

You know the lump that you can feel under your skin after bumping into something. You don’t see a bruise but your skin feels tender to the touch. That is the moment when you will get the most benefit from cold therapy.   A bruise is caused by capillaries, small blood vessels under the skin,

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A Heating Pad Can Help Muscles Heal

A heating pad applied directly to damaged or sore muscles can help muscles heal. Heat therapy has been used for centuries. Heat expands the blood vessels in the muscles. When the blood vessels expand it increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients helping heal the damaged tissue. When heat therapy is added in combination with

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A Cold Pack Helps Fend Off Migraine Headaches

A cold pack may help many with headache and migraine problems. Migraine headaches plague the people of the world. Headaches are annoying but migraines are debilitating. Every case is different. Every person who suffers from migraine headaches deals with it in a different way. Every person’s headaches are triggered by different things. Using a cold

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Hot Pack Heating Pack Same Thing

A hot pack or otherwise known as a heating pack is a tool used by people all over the planet to effectively and inexpensively apply heat therapy to the body. Hot packs come in all kinds of forms and deliver heat in many different ways. Heat therapy is widely used as a form of healing

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A Heat Pack a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Applying a heat pack to sore spots on the body can relieve pain. Heat therapy is widely used by millions of people who suffer from headaches, neck pain, back pain and much more. Heat treatments are so popular because it is readily available, non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical in nature compared to other medical treatments. Heat therapy

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