Heat Therapy and Insomnia


Insomnia. We all know what it feels like to be tired. But what is you were utterly exhausted but still couldn’t get to sleep? If you suffer from insomnia I’m sure you have read and tried the most common suggestions: Don’t drink caffeine before bed. Get regular exercise. Make sure your bedroom is dark and

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Benefits of Cold Massage

Most people are aware of using heat in conjunction with a massage to loosen the muscles and facilitate relaxation. But – have you heard of an ice massage? Cold therapy can help decrease pain, swelling, and inflammation that results from an injury as well as for some conditions such as arthritis. Combining cold therapy and massage is a quick

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Natural Relief for Menstrual Cramps

Talking about menstrual cramps is usually something reserved for quiet comments between friends. Sharing an understanding nod – or “I hate that” look the conversation moves on to other things. Considering that most women experience this pain in their abdomen and thighs every month it should be something that we openly talk about managing without

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