Natural Treatment for Insomnia


Do you experience insomnia? Maybe you have too much on your mind. Sometimes just feeling that you can’t get to sleep can perpetuate the problem. Unless you have a very serious sleep issues there are a few natural tricks you can try that might just get you dreaming, no medication required.

A few very simple things to check first.

  • Are you comfortable with you pillow and bedding. Are you too hot or too cold? Make those adjustments first.
  • Are there noises that distract you such as a running appliance? If there are noises you can’t control, consider adding white noise to drown it out.
  • Check which direction your bed is facing. Many people find it easier to sleep with their head facing north and feet facing south because of the magnetic pull. (No need to rearrange your room, you can just flip directions for the night to test it out).

Once you have established a quiet comfortable place to sleep here is a technique to try that should get you off to sleep. Heat a Thermal-Aid sectional in the microwave. Lie on your back placing the pad underneath your lower back. Allow yourself to be still for a minute and feel the warmth. Then, pay attention to your feet. Feel their weight and consciously allow them to sink into the bed. Follow the same procedure with your knees and then your upper legs and thighs. Next, move to your abdomen and chest. Pay attention to your breathing and purposely relax it taking deeper but slower breaths. Next, pay attention to your buttocks and allow them to relax into the bed as you didi with your legs and feet. Follow the same release of weight with your hands, arms, shoulders and neck – one at a time. Finally focus on your face. First, notice your jaw. Unclench and relax it releasing any need to control whether your mouth is open or closed. Finally, feel your face and cheeks. Consciously relax them and feel the tension slide off into the bed.


By the time you finish this process you may be off into dream world. One of the wonderful things about utilizing a Thermal-Aid sectional for the heat therapy in the technique is that it is not electric and will cool making it unnecessary to remove it before falling asleep. You can enjoy the heat as you drift off without any concerns. Thermal-Aid products are 100% natural and can be heated or cooled repeatedly. This makes them an incredible value and allows you to try heat and cold therapy as a first option for many issues, both injuries and chronic pain. Heat and Cold therapy are a great way to treat conditions without the concern of oral medication. Peruse our blog for the many uses for Thermal-Aid products. If you have a story you would like to share with us about treating an ailment with heat or cold therapy, head over to the Thermal-Aid Facebook page and leave us a message. We would love to hear from you.


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