Natural Relief for Menstrual Cramps

Talking about menstrual cramps is usually something reserved for quiet comments between friends. Sharing an understanding nod – or “I hate that” look the conversation moves on to other things. Considering that most women experience this pain in their abdomen and thighs every month it should be something that we openly talk about managing without popping a pill. One of the simplest and most effective way to alleviate or lessen menstrual cramps is through heat therapy.


I will admit that it may be impractical at times to use heat therapy when on the go, but you can look for moments when you are sitting at a desk or driving, when you could easily place a heated Thermal-Aid pad across your lap. People may wonder why you have a hot pad across your lap in the middle of a scorching hot summer but rather than feel embarrassed about it, maybe we should embrace it and share what we know.


Heat therapy is one of the most commonly used home remedies for treating menstrual pain. It is highly effective at reducing or even eliminating menstrual cramps. When you apply heat to the abdominal region, you increase circulation to the area. This can help regulate blood flow and clear out toxic stagnations, which results in less cramping. Thermal-Aid pads provide a comfortable and convenient way to apply heat therapy. Because they are reusable, they are also economical and practical for monthly use.


Thermal-Aid pads can be heated quickly in the microwave and placed across the abdomen or thighs for any length of time that feels comfortable. After applying heat therapy there are several yoga poses that stretch and limber the hips and pelvic joints without compressing or stretching the abdomen that can be very effective at alleviating menstrual pain. Combining the two will alleviate the pain for most people naturally.

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