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Here on the Thermal-Aid blog there are a lot of articles about the different ways to use Thermal-Aid products to treat injuries, headaches, and chronic aches and pains. Because all of Thermal-Aid products are 100% natural and reusable for heat and cold therapy they are a great value and provide a safe and healthy way. But incase you are a sceptic and like to here opinions of independent, non-biased sources – here is a list of reviews of our products that can be found across the web.


Review of Thermal-Aid All Natural Heating and Cooling Packs by Green Deals.

Review of Thermal Aid Zoo Animals by The Celebrity Cafe.

Thermal-Aid Review by Lunapads Blog.

Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals Review by the Frugal Wife.

Thermal-Aid Review by Tiffany reviews it All.

Review of Thermal-Aid Bears by The Children’s Nook.

Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals Review by Sniffing 4 Savings.

Thermal-Aid Review on You Tube by Maria Galiano.

Thermal-Aid Bear review by Andrea’s World.

Thermal-Aid Zoo Animal review by Detroit Mom.

Thermal-Aid Zoo Animal review by Sweet Silly Sara.

Thermal-Aid Heating & Cooling Pad Review by Gina Kokopelli.


These are just a few of the reviews of Thermal-Aid products that can be found across the web. You can also read lots of reviews here on Amazon. Although we love our products and stand behind them, we also know that many people like to here what customers think. So, take a moment and read a few reviews and you will find that not only are Thermal-Aid products a great value that can be used to treat a wide range of issues as well as just to relax. They are available in different sizes to accommodate different areas of the body and the Zoo Animals and Bears are an across the board hit with the kids.


Once you purchase one of our products, leave a review of your own. We are always happy to hear your opinions. You can also follow us on Facebook where we link out to reviews, articles, and host lots of giveaways. Join us and learn how to manage pain and reduce stress naturally with heat and cold therapy.

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