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Here on the Thermal-Aid blog there are a lot of articles about the different ways to use Thermal-Aid products to treat injuries, headaches, and chronic aches and pains. Because all of Thermal-Aid products are 100% natural and reusable for heat and cold therapy they are a great value and provide a safe and healthy way.

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Soothing Colic Naturally

Bringing home a new baby is an incredibly exciting time, especially for first time parents. There is an undenialable excitiment mixed with a little anxiety over knowing how to care for this tiny child. That anxiety can increase ten fold if your baby has colic. Colic isĀ one of those conditions that affects some babies and

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Cold Therapy for Bruises

You know the lump that you can feel under your skin after bumping into something. You don’t see a bruise but your skin feels tender to the touch. That is the moment when you will get the most benefit from cold therapy.   A bruise is caused by capillaries, small blood vessels under the skin,

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