Thermal-Aid Holloween 2013


Happy Halloween! As you probably saw on the Facebook page, to enter the contest, simply chose one of the stencils and carve a Thermal-Aid Pumpkin. To print one simply click on one of the links below. To enter simply carve a Thermal-Aid Pumpkin, Take a picture and email it me at The first 20

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Cold Therapy for Bruises

You know the lump that you can feel under your skin after bumping into something. You don’t see a bruise but your skin feels tender to the touch. That is the moment when you will get the most benefit from cold therapy.   A bruise is caused by capillaries, small blood vessels under the skin,

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Cold Therapy for Runners

  Whether you are a serious runner or just enjoy your local 5K races, there are a few things you should know about cold therapy that will make your recovery faster. Slowly increasing your long runs is the only way to increase your endurance and lung capacity. Most runners include one long run per week.

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Instagram Giveaway Winners Oct. 7th 2013


Congratulations!   The following are the 5 winners of the Instagram contest.   @POODLEMOM123 @BETHTITUS @ANDREA_HOCKEYGIRL @SNEVELS @VINESSAVASQUEZ   If you see your Instagram name here. Send an email to with your shipping information to claim you prize. Thanks for your participation and stay tuned for more fun giveaways so to come.

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