Natural Relief for Menstrual Cramps

Talking about menstrual cramps is usually something reserved for quiet comments between friends. Sharing an understanding nod – or “I hate that” look the conversation moves on to other things. Considering that most women experience this pain in their abdomen and thighs every month it should be something that we openly talk about managing without

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Thermal-Aid Holloween 2013


Happy Halloween! As you probably saw on the Facebook page, to enter the contest, simply chose one of the stencils and carve a Thermal-Aid Pumpkin. To print one simply click on one of the links below. To enter simply carve a Thermal-Aid Pumpkin, Take a picture and email it me at The first 20

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Cold Therapy for Bruises

You know the lump that you can feel under your skin after bumping into something. You don’t see a bruise but your skin feels tender to the touch. That is the moment when you will get the most benefit from cold therapy.   A bruise is caused by capillaries, small blood vessels under the skin,

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