10 Ways to Stay Cozy with Thermal-Aid


Have you ever put on a sweatshirt right out of the dryer? Held a warm cup of cocoa, just to warm your hands? It feels amazing. There is something about getting warmed up that is comforting, especially as the temperatures start to dip. Thermal-Aid can help keep you warm and cozy on your commute, in the office, and at home. Here are 10 ways that Thermal-Aid can keep you toasty this winter.

1. Warm up a Thermal-Aid pad before heading out the door for your morning commute. Place the Pad across your lap. It will keep you comfy during that time while you wait for your heater to kick in.

2. In the office you can place your Thermal-Aid pad on your feet. No one will notice it under the desk and your toes will thank you.

3. Taking out the recycling or shoveling some snow? Zip your Thermal-Aid into your coat. No one will think you put on a few pounds. They will just notice how rosy your cheeks are!

4. Are you crafty? Make yourself a scarf that you can slip the Thermal-Aid Tube into. Your friends will be jealous or maybe they will want to go into business with you!

5. Do you go to outdoor winter activities? Football games, tailgate, ice fishing, sledding, skiing? Take your Thermal-Aid along and stay warm. Place it under your blanket, on your seat. Where ever you need us we are there for you.

6. Take your Thermal-Aid to bed. Your partner won’t mind. He or she might even thank you. You know they really don’t want you to put your cold feet on them to warm up!

7. Have an office party coming up? Your Thermal-Aid just might be able to keep that casserole warm.

8. A Thermal-Aid pad can be the perfect companion when snuggling up to watch a movie. It won’t talk. It won’t hog your blanket or pillow and it won’t comment on your movie choice either.

9. In the mood for one of those hot stone massages? No need to heat up rocks. Throw your Thermal-Aid on your back and call out “massage, massage -please” until someone responds.

10. Are you or someone you know getting married this winter? Use a Thermal-Aid pad to prevent cold feet! I promise it will work – and if not, they weren’t right for you anyway.

Don’t keep all that cozy warmth to yourself. That would be so selfish. Share Thermal-Aid with someone you love. Can’t bear to share? Buy them one of their own. The holidays are coming after all.

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